This, That, & the Otter

Life gets crazy!

I think everyone can agree that life can and will get Crazy at times. As a Mom of 8 kids it feels like I have something going on everytime I turn around. Orchestra, Band, Choir, Cross Country, Track and field, Homework that never ends, the list goes on and on.

Sometimes in the quiet of the night when it would be helpful to be sleeping but I can't because I know that as soon as I lay down the baby will be waking up for a feeding, I know that I can escape for a few minutes to my craft room. That is where I decide what magical thing I get to make next is. 

I use my washi tape on cards, scrapbook pages, and wall hangings. My girls are planning on taking some to put over their lightswitch covers. 

I hope you can find a set that you like that will help your crafting imagination sore.

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