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Spring Snuggle Bug Sale

Spring, you never know if its a warm day or a cool day. Be prepared and get a Snuggle bug to help you stay warm on cold morning and cool nights, OR stick it in the freezer for a Hot day and stay cool!

If you buy two Snuggle Bugs you can get a third one for 50% off!!

As I have mentioned before I have eight kiddos, Who insist ever night to crowd around our microwave and warm up their Snuggle bugs. It is just part of our nighttime routine, which I love. 

Recently I went to grab something out of my freezer and was pleasantly surprised to see a few Bugs stacked up in my freezer. I smiled to myself and thought, "my kids are hoping for a warm day" even thought it snowed yesterday. 

It is Nice to know that these bugs can be used all year round and not just during the Cold months to stay warm but in the Hot months to stay cool.

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